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Professional Dance Music & Drama Instruction.

C O N S E R V A T O R Y   N E W S

Coming Soon ...


Saturday, December 16 at 1:00PM

Get a glimpse of the training our students undergo in classical ballet and music.  Wonder why dancers perform exercises at a barre? Wonder why musicians perform scales?  Come discover the methods of classical training and witness the progress our students have made.

Potluck follows the performance.  Bring your appetite and bring your support.  Limited seating,


$10 Adults

$5 Children 12 & under


To reserve your tickets click HERE.

Beginning in 2024 ...


Children's Beginning Level

4.5 Month Term

When: Tuesdays at 4:00-5:00PM

January 2 - May 11, 2024


The cello is a beautiful-sounding string instrument with rich deep tones.  If you have a child interested in learning the cello, this class is perfect to learn the fundamentals in a group setting.  The session culminates in a studio demonstration where students perform in front of family, friends and the community.  Students will need a cello, but don't fret; the Conservatory might have a loaner on hand. Classes are held weekly.

Instructor Judy Nicholson is a former music instructor at St. John's School and has enjoyed performing in a number of musical settings.  Judy has a gift of passing on the love and appreciation of music to her students.


To learn more or pre-register, click here: CELLO CLASS 

Coming in 2024 ...


January 2- May 17, 2024

Pre-Professional Division:

Students enrolled in the Pre-professional programs commit to the entire term.


Ages 5-7: three lesson a week, total 3 hrs.

Ages 8-11: three lessons a week, total 4.5 hrs.

Ages 12+:  four+ lessons a week, total 6+hrs.

To learn more or to Pre-Register your child, click here: PRE-REGISTER

Open Division:

Students in the Open Division commit  to month-long periods of training.


Ages 4-5: offered twice per week

Adult Basic Ballet: Tuesdays at 7:00PM

Questions?  Phone (671) 929-7799


Ages 2-5

Saturdays at 9:00AM and 10:00AM

October 7 - December 23

Children learn by mimicking and when they try out new ways of moving their bodies, they build coordination and motor skills. This is an opportunity for children to explore movement and to build social skills in a safe and fun setting while mom is still there.
No complex choreography, but there’s no reason children can’t learn simple poses or even a basic routine with a little help from mom. Stepping and moving to music is instinctual and lots of fun. This program is all ab
out encouraging that joy.


Attire: Ballet attire is recommended; active wear will do.

Acceptable footwear: ballet slippers or socks.

Screenshot 2023-08-31 at
Mommy & Me Ballet

Fee:      $180 for 12 classes.

$68 for 4 classes

$20 for single class.

To reserve your space in the class, click HERE


Thursdays at 4:00-4:45PM


If you have a child interested in learning the violin, the Conservatory has the perfect class.  Children will have a great time learning the fundamentals along with other beginning students.  Students will need a violin, but don't fret: the Conservatory might have a loaner on hand. Classes are held weekly.

Instructor Jiyoung Park has performed extensively in Europe and Asia and has coached students who have placed and won national competitions.


To learn more, click here: VIOLIN CLASS 



September 4- December 22

Our current 2023 ballet program is underway. 

  • Preparatory Ballet students (ages 5-7) are learning awareness of music, simple movements, basic positions, posture and important ballet stretches.

  • Beginning Ballet students (ages 8-11) are learning the rudimentary ballet lexicon of terminology and exercises.  Additionally, they are focusing on classical movement quality and artistic expressions.

  • Adult Ballet students are discovering the beauty of the classical ballet form and are growing in their awareness of line and movement.

If you are interested to know more about our programs, please phone (671) 929-7799.

2023 Fall Term Registration


THURSDAYS 7:00 PM Adult Basic Barre


Improve your technique, develop your artistry and make new friendships as part of an artistic community.  The Thursday class focuses on the basic exercises of the barre.

To reserve your place in class, click here:


$25 per class

Discount class cards available.

Got questions? Phone (671) 929-7799.

E&R-Nine copy 2_edited.jpg


Ages 5-7

Classes meet 3 times weekly.

  • body awareness, rhythm, coordination, attention to detail,

  • posture, form and flexibility, and

  • the ability to learn and repeat movements of increasing complexity.


The program may include lessons in creative dance t0 augment movement, agility and rhythm.


For tuition fees and a tentative class schedule, click HERE.

To pre-register by click HERE.


Got questions? Phone (671) 929-7799.

pre_ballet_dancers copy 3.jpg


Beginning Ballet levels are reserved for students aged 8-11 where they are introduced to the rudimentary exercises of the barre.  Placement, line and movement quality is emphasized.  Only until the class has grasped the proper mechanics of the primary movements are they allowed to perform center work exercises. Tap dancing is included in the beginning ballet levels to teach rhythm and timing.

Intermediate Ballet levels are reserved for students aged 12 and older where challenging and complex combinations are taught.  It is expected that students at this level are grounded in their technique, comfortable with the movement of the classical genre, and are self-motivated.

For tuition fees and tentative schedule, click HERE.

Pre-register for the 2023 Fall ballet programs (for ages 5-18) by clicking HERE.

Call (671) 929-7799 if you have any questions.


Through fundraising efforts and grants, we aim to offer needs-based scholarships to students who are seriously committed and dedicated to developing their artistic skills. 

Learn about our scholarship program by clicking here.



Community support is being demonstrated by residents making donations to the Conservatory.  Click HERE to see who's donated what at our "Donations Items" page and see what needed items you might consider giving.

Latest donation received: a generous financial contribution from Rotary Club of Tumon Bay. Other recent donations include a Yamaha upright piano from Stephen Sun, a very sizeable check from Ryan Mummert at Title Guaranty of Guam, a ton of ballet attire from Lil Burlingame, and beautiful art work by celebrated artist Judy Flores.

To donate, click HERE.


The Conservatory is a community of people who desire to bring the classical arts to the people of Guam.  Come be a part of this exciting venture by volunteering your time to help build the studio.  No prior experience in building is necessary; a willing heart and two hands are more than enough.

If you are a parent who plans to enroll your child into one of our programs, volunteering at this stage of the build-out is an excellent way of meeting the staff, learning more about the Conservatory and showing your support.

If you would like to volunteer, please use the form at the bottom of this page to send us a message.

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volunteer hand 2.jpg


Ballet must be taught in a progressive manner by laying a foundation of a sound technique and adding to it a keen sense of musicality and artistic expression.

The body is pliable and can be trained to do seemingly impossible feats.  However, the body must be trained frequently and with consistency.


Read about our ballet program by clicking here.

ballet program.png


Learn how you can join our pre-professional ballet division.  No prior ballet experience required, but be prepared to work hard and show your dedication!

Who's ready?

To learn more and to register, click here.



The goal of the pre-professional music program at Guam Conservatory of Arts is to develop musicians who are performance ready and capable of winning music scholarships on the university level.  To achieve this goal, the music program includes intensive private lessons with experienced teachers and visiting artists as well as participation in ensembles.

Currently, private instruction in cello, classical bass, flute, clarinet, and oboe is available at the Conservatory.

Learn more about our music program by clicking here.

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P.O. Box 8959 Tamuning, GU 96931

(671) 929-7799

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